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Don't Panic Dads, Christmas is Coming!

If you live in a house full of ladies, then hopefully you’ll understand where I’m coming from! They love Christmas so much so I swear they poop glitter and candy canes! (Don’t ask me about the logistics of that last statement) But with a new addition to the family, Dorothy will no doubt be amazed by the festive decorations and beautiful array of legacy Christmas Decorations collected from years gone by. But here’s the thing. What the hell do I get them all? It used to be easy: Rachel – Cake Mixing, Vintage Inspired or just Beautiful. Beth – Hair Straightening, Hair Volumising, Vans, Converse or a combination of all 4. Now there’s Dottie! OMG I’m going to break out in a cold sweat.  I’ve been forward planning as I swear the years are getting quicker and quicker and before we know it it’s Christmas Eve and it’s time to buy everyone’s present. I joke but seriously though 😉 Here’s a few ideas I’ve found from a few blogs and sites let me know what you think: An experience day While it’s always nice to have something to open on a special occasion. It’s also fun to receive a voucher for an experience day. Depending on what the recipient is into, you can choose anything from a relaxing spa day to a high adrenaline race car experience. It’s even better if you can get a voucher for two, as then you can go along and make positive memories together, which will last a lifetime. Christmas Time Something delicious What girl doesn’t enjoy the occasional tasty treat? Edible gifts are a good idea they go well beyond the everyday. For example, a luxury hamper is an excellent gift. A packet of teabags is not! A special pack of her favourite sweets or chocolate can work well, but leave the regular size bars on the shelf.! In all seriousness, though, a box of high-end luxury chocs or a cheese making kit will go down a storm for the right person. Just remember to know your audience before your commit.   Something to wear A beautiful fashion item or bag never goes a miss. But caution is advised that if you do choose it yourself. You should keep to her favourite brands or designers. Something else that works well for a winter present is a scarf and gloves set. The shop is full of them at this time of year, and everyone love to keep warm in the chillier weather. Pick items in her favourite colours or ones that will go with her winter coat. If all else fails, then a voucher for her favourite shop will be appreciated. But try to get something else little and more personal to go with it. Else it’s looks like you’ve taken the easy option, instead of thinking about what to buy. Something Cool If you are looking for some extra special gifts for her this Christmas, then why not pick an item that has some street cred and performs a practical task. What about a fashionable purse that charges your phone on the go? Or som fashion-forward headphones?  Gifts like these will instantly boost your cool dad/ partner rep and make her day. Christmas PresentsSomething personalised One of the best thing about the internet is that is chocked full of shops that offer personalised items. Which makes it look you like you have spent ages thinking about them. Many of these items, like messages in test tubes or envelope necklaces, can be personalised with your own messages. Or you can get them to print a stock message if you are feeling low on heartfelt inspiration.   I’m thinking something personalised and heartfelt. But don’t tell them all 🙂]]>

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