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It's time for Christmas at Bents Garden Centre

Being awake early hours at the weekend isn’t anything new at the moment in the Palmer household.  But this time, we were actually waking Dorothy up because we were off to Bent’s Garden Centre in Warrington for their Christmas preview. Ask anyone and my favourite Christmas film is the Grinch. It’s not because I dislike this time of the year but it’s just a well made, very funny reminder of the time spent with cousins many years ago. Rachel shares her Christmas memories with me from Beth’s childhood and we’ve created new ones together every year (apart from the year we had flu).  Now we have Dorothy – a perfect chance for us to bring out the Santa stories, Mrs P to create more craft magic and we get a chance to prepare a carrot and sherry on Christmas eve again because apparently, 14 is too old to believe in ol St Nick.

Getting a chance to introduce Dorothy to Christmas early, gain an insight into what Bent’s has to offer and create our wish list for Rose Cottage, far outweighed the early start!
Pastries and Dads Energy Drink CoffeeSo on arrival, all looked quiet, nothing stirred not even a mouse 🙂 Everything looked normal and there was a glow of anticipation on the eager staff to help us to our Pastries and wide awake juice. They knew what we were about to see and wow was it amazing! Pegasus Christmas Display Who has the vision and creativity to create these displays and can we fit the pegasus into our front room? These were a few of the questions running through my head. [gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="10172,10171"] Some of these displays were amazing and there were also a few un-finished as it was a pre-opening. Here on the right you can see there’s a woodland dining table where you can imagine Fairies or Hobbits celebrating Christmas with the animals. Dorothy Loved Christmas at BentsTinsel, sparkly, and lights were all Dorothy needed to enjoy herself. Here you can see she’s over the moon with the rustle of tinsel with a beautiful backdrop that would be perfect in any Christmas movie. Movie Christmas Background But it wasn’t all for show, every stylish Christmas decoration, fake deers head, owl or clock was up for sale and beautifully displayed in colour matched shelving. It really was a stylish Christmas setting. Buy baubles at Bents Overall we had an amazing time and got some real inspiration for our Rose Cottage in a few months time. timeforchristmasI can see why clocks were such an important theme because with the world turning, Dorothy growing up, our 8 years together soon approaching. There’s no time like the present! Creative Christmas Scene Thanks to Bents Garden Centre and if you’re in the Warrington area pop in at Warrington Road, Glazebury, Warrington WA3 5NT. I’ve been told that Santa walks around the stores on special days, may just have to pop back in 🙂  ]]>


  1. LaaLaa Reply

    Aw Dorothy looks well chuffed with the tinsel. I love Christmas displays, they’re always so well put together and get you in the spirit! I’m sure you’re going to love watching Dorothy explore and love Christmas more as the years go by.

  2. Nikki Hamilton Reply

    The garden centres near me have some amazing displays. I love wandering around them nearer christmas. Glad you all had a good day and you can totally fit that pegasus in your living room!

  3. Jo Wiggins Reply

    Some beautiful displays here. I think I visit every local garden centre at Christmas to see various Santa’s and stock up on more decorations.

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