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Alternative UK Holiday for Quality Family Time

Our old holidays used to be a mix of Spain or we’d go Egypt, Turkey etc. But now with another addition to the family ,a shortage of funds 🙁 and the costs of holiday’s increasing due to a weaker pound, what better time to look at an alternative UK holiday. See I love 5 star hotels and all inclusive deals, but I also love the outdoors and you’d have previously seen me up a mountain or near a lake. So this has given me a great opportunity to look at some adventurous choices for those looking for a little alternate accommodation options. If you fall into the ‘adventurous’ category, you might enjoy my findings below. Glamping In recent years, glamping has become a real trend, and it’s just as good as you might hope it to be. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically camping but with more luxuries than you’d normally get. Across the UK, everything from old buses to cabins have been repurposed as a mini home of sorts. They’re often in the middle of nowhere (a giant field in many cases) which makes it feel very much like a camping experience. Boatel There are no prizes for guessing what this is! It’s a hotel on a boat, basically. These opportunities do exist, and you can find them throughout the UK. Many of them operate like a traditional hotel, too. You can get B&B boatels, for example! Or, you can hire a boat for self-catering holidays if you wish. Motorhomes There’s nothing quite like getting in your motorhome and going wherever the heck you want! The brilliant freedom of a motorhome is that you’re not stuck in one place if you don’t want to be. Motorhome models like the Trail-Breaker even offer 4×4 capabilities to allow more adventurous possibilities. You’ve got all the essentials you might need inside the home, and you can always pack up and go home if you get bored! You need never pay for accommodation again. Lighthouses Fancy staying in a lighthouse? There are a surprising number of lighthouses across the country equipped for accommodation purposes. They run very much like a hotel, but you get the benefit of an incredible view in a unique location. If you’re not so keen on the hotel atmosphere, you can also get self-catering lighthouses if you look around. GO UK Alternative Holiday ChoicesTreehouses Technically, most treehouses fall into the category of glamping. But, they’re such a cool idea that we have to give them their own section in this article! Many UK treehouses have been featured on TV in recent years, and they’ve soared in popularity. The idea of a treehouse is both exciting and adventurous, and you’ll find that many of them are priced accordingly. If you’re going to book something like this for next summer, be aware that you’ll need to get in early. Another great benefit of all these ideas is that you’re educating your child along the way. Hotels are hotels – they rarely differ in appearance too drastically. Accommodate your family and laugh a little with one of these methods, and they might just remember it for the rest of their lives.]]>

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