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The Dad Diet Starts Here – Day 1

They say slow and steady wins the race but if the race is to eat as many chips as you can, slow and steady makes you fat! This is me 7 years ago, fit and healthy, 5 times a week gym goer and not really concerned over what I ate because I burned everything off. Yeah I’m posing but I didn’t have anything to hide so why not. Dad Diet - The Starting Point This is me now: Dad Diet - Putting on WeightThat thing hanging over my belt is a combination of a few things including this: chips-and-gravyDon’t get me wrong, I used to eat chips all the time but there’s a few reasons why I put on weight.

  • Getting older! That’s no excuse, there’s fit and healthy older people.
  • Falling in Love. Getting married and being happy obviously contributed but it’s not the biggest thing.
  • Bad Back. This is the biggest reason why I put on weight. My bad stopped me playing squash (badly), caused me to get sciatica, made me sad on days when I couldn’t play football and ultimately reduced my activity levels to zero.
So what now! I’ll post about my back in a different post because I want to focus on the diet in these series of posts. About two and a half weeks ago I made a stand. After a combination of seeing an old picture of myself and not being able to carry my baby daughter for more than 5 minutes due to my back, I needed to change. Fat Shaming Myself THinMy instant change was to stop eating everything bad. Living in Wigan, pies and pastries make up 90% of the diet. My diet at home is great as I always get good quality home cooked food it’s those meals away from the house that leave me lacking. So I went extreme. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve tried to have less than 1000 calories a day. The way I saw it was if I can do that, shrink my stomach down and manage, I’ll then be in a position where I’m not hungry all the time and can manage a different diet. This isn’t healthy or balanced! I’ve been lucky enough to have found Rory through the Dad Network and as from Monday, have been putting together a food diary of what I’ve been consuming and it isn’t good ready in terms of nutrition. There will be exercises involved and I can imagine meal plans and certain requirements. It’s not going to be easy but I’m hoping you can all follow me along the journey and support me when needed. daddietpng]]>

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