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I need another Epic Trip to Switzerland

The winter season is usually a period of rest and relaxation, especially as it comes closer to Christmas. Families often spend most of their free time relaxing together and enjoying all the winter festivities, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to go on a family holiday and celebrate Christmas away from home. For those of you that know me pre-blogging, I was a mad adventurer that wouldn’t turn my nose up at any opportunity to push the boundaries. Whether it be a business trip to Beijing, an overnight stay in South Korea or a night out on the continent. But Christmas time’s brings out the best and worst in people and it clearly did for me in 2012! Sitting at home in between Xmas Day and New Years, I’m bored, I’m gutted that Beth hasn’t seen any snow and when looking on the weather app I can see that Switzerland has plenty let’s go on a road trip. So literally driving to one of the larger goods warehouses, I stock up on things like in-car kettles, blankets, snow chains, flints, torches etc. You get the drift. Think of it as a posh Bear Grylls. haha. Our Random Trip to Switzerland Without thinking, we’ve picked Beth up and we’re on the ferry at Dover for what was the best Christmas Adventure of all time! It’s a shame, because I don’t believe we’ll ever better that experience in Dorothy’s lifetime. We’ll probably try but the sheer randomness of it all, the laughter and jokes, the old freelander that never lost grip and the Bruno Mars track that played on repeat. Thinking about what we can do maybe we need to try a warmer Winter. One of the most popular sunny winter destinations is the Canary Islands.  Dramatic landscapes, huge volcanoes and sandy beaches are just some of the attractions that draw in thousands of tourists every year. Spending New Years Eve in Geneva There’s always an educational one with somewhere like Rome with its history and culture. The food is also a perfect fit for the cold weather. Pasta and spaghetti and excellent comfort foods, and there’s no shortage of delicious hot chocolate and coffee keep yourself warm. Although there are plenty of hotels with vacancies, accommodation in rome can be a good grab. Most of the time it’s cheaper to look for a place to rent, and you can integrate with the locals since you won’t be pampered by an expensive hotel. Personally, Lapland is the ultimate Christmas destination that embraces the cold weather, reindeer, and sleighs. There’s no shortage of festivities either. The Finnish people know how to celebrate Christmas with a bang, so there’s nowhere better to travel if you want the full Christmas package. Take your children for reindeer sleigh rides through the frosty woods, share stories with people around crackling fires at night, or even go to visit Santa himself. This would also tick of my wish list with a trip to watch the Northern Lights. One day my friend, one day.]]>

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