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Penclic Review – The Evolution of the Mouse

So having to sit at a desk most of the day, unless I’m out on meetings, can give you a ton of health complications including bad back, obesity from lack of exercise, neck problems and RSI. If you’ve seen my video before, I’ve got a bad back and while I can’t pin point one thing, sitting down driving and at a desk has to be contributing factors. So when I get the opportunity to try out a product that’s launching in the UK that not only gives me a tablet style of input with the precision of a mouse but limiting RSI it has to be given a shot. I’ve been using alternative inputs for years, I’ve had a magic mouse and an Apple touchpad including all the devices that have touchscreen including the laptop I’m writing this on now. Being ahead of the curve when it comes to gadgets and technology is in my nature so when I receive this you can imagine how I’m feeling. How beautiful! So it arrived and I’ve already have a look at a number of YouTube videos to get a heads up on how to use it. Despite what all of the YouTube video were raving about it really wasn’t that easy to use straight out of the box. There is a period of learning and if I wasn’t so stubborn I could have quite easily given up. The reviews have been amazing and this is an evolution for input devices so I had to pick it up and use it, I didn’t want to miss out. I sit in an office (don’t tell Alice I used her mug) where I sit opposite developers and support teams who know coding and in front of our marketing team. I’m always using Powerpoint, Photoshop or Office Products including Word or Excel. Working with a mouse is ok but it’s not as good as a pen/tablet and after a long session my wrist is aching. I’m glad I continued past the period of learning as the Penclic has been an absolute game changer when it comes to working on my desktop computer but most of all when I’m hunched over my laptop with very little space. This is the time when I’m more likely to hurt myself or increase my chances of RSI. The way I can describe using the mouse is like writing with a pen that has buttons. It’s like the first time use an iPhone where there’s so many features and functionality and your like oh my God how am I ever gonna be able to use it! Using an iPhone or touchscreen keyboard is now second nature, everything becomes autonomous eventually. Holding the Penlic with my hand flat on the desk to help reduce stress and hold it like you would a pen as if I was writing gave me the perfect position to be able to use the mouse and for more than a few hours at a time. Everything became more fluid, moving was a lot easier and I was quickly developing quickly going up the learning curve. Looking at the device, it’s like a stylus made love with a mouse. There’s a number of speed settings underneath the mouse to tailor it to how you write and playing around with it I was able to write just like I would with a pen. One of the great features are the buttons well placed in the pen that give you backwards and forwards through menus and website pages and the normal left and right click as you would expect.

So who would buy this?

If you’re a technophobe I’d leave alone unless you’ve been instructed to get something to help prevent RSI. If you’re using a mouse a lot then this is for you. Get the Bluetooth mouse it’s worth the extra money to be wireless. One of the downsides that I’m predicting is the wire is so thin, as I need to transport it a lot I’m hoping it doesn’t break. Saying that it’s been a few months and there’s no signs yet. This Penclic mouse was an amazing bit of kit one which I’ll be using well into the future. My only concerns are I don’t have one for work and one for home. I sup The mouse was sent to me to review but the thoughts, opinions and images are all honest and my opinion. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed and please let me know if you buy one.  ]]>

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