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How to Hatch – Hatchimals Surprise 2017 – Live Hatching and Unboxing

Like every year there’s that one must have Christmas Present and 2017 is no different.

Hatchimals was one of the fastest selling toys in 201 selling out in record time. Argos have already put it on their must have Christmas list and we’re here to show you how to hatch one should find one under the tree this Christmas.
There was a lot of discussions online at how best to hatch the Hatchimals and complaints that it took too long. We found it to be an experience and actually Dorothy loved carrying the egg around. If we wasn’t filming it I wouldn’t have minded if it was a full day. You’re not just buying what’s inside you’re investing in the experience.
Hatchimals, if you didn’t know, are an interactive surprise for Children to release/hatch and then grow and develop. They learn new tricks and tips through play and as they grow older, have lots of new and fun tricks and games. It’s not all games, as they teach young ones how to care and nurture them as their eyes tell you how they’re feeling.
There’s also a super surprise this year, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out! So here’s our guide to hatching your Hatchimals!
  • Step1 – Give the egg a cuddle
  • Step 2 -See if anyone is home
Step 3 – Listen to hear if they’re awake
  • Step 4 – Say hello
  • Step 5 – Shake, tap and rub the bottom
  • Step 6 – Shake again
  • Step 7 – Rub the bottom again
  • Step 8 – Listen to what they’re saying
  • Step 9 – Give them a cuddle. They are babies.
  • Step 10 – Can I hear something happening?
  • Step 11 – Be surprised! They’re here.
I’m not going to give away the massive surprise but please do comment below when yours are finally hatched! Make sure you follow the card provided for the full range of games, interactions and pointers as to how to make the most of your Hatchimals Surprise.
Here’s our unboxing video, don’t forget to check out SpinMasters on Twitter @SpinMasters and the #HatchimalsSuprise hashtag too. Enjoy our video: ]]>

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