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Dads Go Out in Style this Summer with Standout!

As a Dad that has lots of different requirements both at Work and Life, it’s difficult for me to manage finances as well as my style. That’s been one of the biggest changes to growing up, having a family and responsibilities. I can’t just walk into a designer shop and spend ££££ without a fuss as there’re mouths to feed, bills to pay and the Armani now has a Pri in front of it.

It’s also become harder and harder to stay on trend.
The clothes that I think are cool aren’t necessarily the same clothes that are cool and that’s where the good old fashioned, grey t-shirt and jeans come to play how inventive! For Father’s Day this year I received pants and socks and couldn’t have been happier as they were from a gift basket from Standout. Standout I think could be the answer between balancing finances and looking great. The socks were Ralph Lauren and the pants Calvin Klein, the kind of things I’d have no issues with buying in years gone by. They were just what I needed too as I’ve been traveling across EMEA with stops in Dublin, Munich, and Sofia. I literally had some of the busiest days in my working life especially with lots of travel, coupled with issues around travel and bank cards! [gallery ids="16794,16795,16796"] At the end of the days, I just slumped into the shower, relaxed and knew I was ok to carry on. But it isn’t just a ‘shop’ it’s also a portal to give you advice on what to wear like this great article below. If you’re not a frequent traveler and need advice they’ve got your back, if you’ve never worn shorts or would like to know how you can better your style, that too and finally, not that I watch it, if you want the Love Island low down on style there’s that too.
So it’s got some great ideas on style, it has impressive brands but what about the price?
From the clothes I was looking at, Standout was at least 10% cheaper than Google could find me elsewhere and that’s not including the sale section. AND I LOVE THE SALE SECTION! To have it so clearly displayed is fab. I just went to the biggest discount section and there are £70 jackets for £16. That’s ridiculous! So Standout is my new favourite “Dad Clothing” portal for when I want that little something special but don’t want a special suprise. If Mrs. P is reading this, there’s a really nice Vivienne Westwood wallet I like 🙂 ]]>

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