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3 Things to Look for in Your Child’s First Car

John Volante

There is probably no feeling more frightening for a parent than the day they watch their teenager drive off on their own for the first time.  You worry about their safety the entire time that they are gone and that they are making good decisions while always paying attention to the road.

Part of your fear also comes with deciding what their first car should be.  Is it a hand me down car from the family? Are you looking to buy a new car for them?  Used one? Regardless of what route you go in, you know you want it to be as safe for them as possible. Car dealerships like Quick Car Credit will always have salespeople on hand to help answer any of these questions.

Buying New vs. Old

The first decision you will have to make is if you want to go new or old with that first car.  When purchasing a new car for a teenager, you will be looking at substantially higher than normal insurance costs.  This should not come as a surprise with the age of the driver. The new car, however, will require fewer maintenance concerns, which will ease your mind about your teen not being stranded somewhere with a malfunction.

If you decide to go with a used vehicle, your insurance will be cheaper than the new car.  You will also have an idea of the performance record and know what its success rate has been in the past.  If it is not a car that you have previously owned, it is highly recommended that you get a mechanic’s report on the car before final purchase. You should always have a used car checklist in mind when browsing around.

Size of the Vehicle

Another decision that you will have to make is determining what size vehicle you want to purchase.  Small, compact cars are cheaper, but strike fear in parents in the event of an accident. But, having your teenager driving around in a large SUV can be nerve-wracking because of trying to maneuver a larger vehicle around. Plus, it will be a lot costlier in terms of gas bills.  In the end, most parents will decide on a mid-sized vehicle for their child. It just seems to make the most sense for someone will no experience alone on the road.

Features of the Car

Safety is the number one factor in the purchase of a vehicle, so you will want to consider what kind of safety features are included in the car.  Does the car have rear-view back up cameras? Blind spot protection? If you purchase a car that is below your planned budget, you will have the opportunity to add these extra security measures to the car, for your own ease of mind.  

Regardless if you can add these safety bonuses, you want to make sure your child is driving with the most reliable car as possible.  You can’t worry about your teen driving and worry about the car they are in. That is setting you up for sleepless nights and anxiety that you just don’t need.

If your gut isn’t telling you the car is right, don’t buy it.  Try to stick to many of the tips and tricks of buying the perfect first car for your beloved teen!

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