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4 Best Tools for Brand Management


Brand management is about monitoring each aspect of your brand, and it’s journey in the outside world. You’ll need to pay close attention to your design and how you represent your company. It’s important to capture the perception of your business and ensure that this perception is on point with your desired persona. A great brand management tool is the best way to organise your brand and ensure quality.

1 . Brand 24

Brand 24 is a software tool which provides social media listening, using the app you’ll get the down-low on what’s being said about your industry, product and company. With Brand 24, you’ll get an intelligence platform where you can monitor those who post comments about your products and business. Using this software, you can respond to both negative and positive comments quickly or in real-time. Brand 24 also comes with marketing analytics so that you can gain useful insights to inform the next move in your strategy. Other useful features of the software include competitor knowledge, Influencer score, topic grouping and sentiment analysis.

2. Reputology

Reputology is a software tool designed to help companies to gather feedback, reviews and any other brand commentaries. With both social monitoring and listening tools, you can stay in know about how your brand is doing out there in the world. Using the software, you can gain valuable information to help you improve your products and services. Reputology comes inbuilt with various features to help with the monitoring of comment cards, review sites and surveys. With the software, you’ll also receive text analytics, an opportunity finder feature and quick customer engagements.

3. Frontify

Frontify is a brand management tool which allows companies to improve their brand consistently. Using Frontify, you can create personalized style guides which dictate how your brand should be designed. You can edit these guides with colour palettes, images, logos etc. The software also acts as a digital asset management tool. From here, you can manage brand assets, brand files and guides via one platform. With Frontify, you can also access a Kanban workflow, smart content blocks, design management and collaboration tools.

4. Bynder

Bynder is a type of brand portal software which is designed to simplify the procedures of managing your branding. Bynder’s platform helps to store assets and enable a collaborative process. Using this software, you’ll ensure brand consistency plus organize your marketing resources in one place. The software also arrives with brand guidelines, customized themes, hybrid mode and product information management. Using Bynder, you’ll save yourself time on marketing tasks plus improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

You’ve probably spent much time crafting your brand aesthetics, story and style. Whether it’s the Personalised Hoodies to represent your company or the webinars that you lead online, everything that you do must be planned to ensure consistent and quality branding. To protect the quality of your brand, it’s all about brand management. Using a strong brand management tool, you can improve your brand design and your perception amongst consumers.

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