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Shaving Time off your Corporate Grooming with BIC Shave Club

Working away a lot and having a wife and family at home, my time’s pretty much spent every day.

Even when I’m not working away I want to get home as quick as possible to spend what hours are left in the day having fun doing what Dads do best!

Spending time on myself is normally restricted to a hotel room in the middle of nowhere and it normally involves a shower or bath with the hotel’s ‘premium’ miniature soap and shampoo all in one. Fancy! Don’t get me wrong I carry a shower bag around with me but topping up let alone refilling it is almost impossible.

When do I have the time to buy myself new things?

Convenience is something that I strive for every day and what big corporations are giving us at a cost. There’s additional costs for postage or with the likes of Amazon you have to be a “Prime” member at a “Prime” cost. Don’t get me wrong I’m one of those suckers because I don’t have time to wait for three days shipping. I want it now (or in an hour).

The thing is I don’t want the cost and sure can’t afford to pay over the top.

BIC the name behind convenience has offered up a solution to provide a quality shave at a quality price through my letterbox when I want it, how I want it. What could go wrong?

I’m not going to lie when I imagine a cheap almost throw away priced BIC coming near my soft and precious face. I had visions of yellow plastic and bits of bloodied paper all over my neck. A bit like the days in my grandads era. So you can imagine my surprise when I encountered this pretty rugged, 5 bladed, adjustable head razer with refillable heads. Nice.

Taking their normal subscription price into account after the initial heavily discounted month is up. You’ll be paying £8 a month for a refil pack of 4 heads, that’s £2 each, delivered through your letter box, when you want. That’s pretty good you know!

To give you an idea, the Gillette Fusion Proglide also featuring 5 blades, edge trimming are coming out at £3.38 each in a pack of 4 at Superdrugs. That’s not including the time to pick them up, cost of parking and hassle of being harassed to buy some aftershave or cheapo chocolate at the till.

So it’s clear that the pricing model is great and the convenience of the cancel anytime subscription is even better but most importantly, am I going to pay to be a human pin cushion or can they deliver a good shave, every time.

Let’s find out! I was initially suprised that it comes in blue as I was fully expecting a canary yellow very lightweight throw away at the price. It was pleasantly weighty in the hand and didn’t look like it had come through the post for a couple of quid. Put it this way, if I was in a shaving competition I wouldn’t feel inadequate 🙂 Since becoming a parent to a newborn, I’ve suddenly realised that everything could be lethal. Imagining the impact a razor could do sends shivers down my spine. I was so happy to see what looked like the most safe packaging on the market. That’s a win! So it looks decent, feels weighty, it’s safe, oh did I mention it also has 5 blades and a tiny extra one on the edge for those intricate/delicate areas. Perfect for under nose or sideburns. Finally the button to release the blades is a dream. How many times have you tried to release a blade refil and it doesn’t come off which then means you’ve got to pull at blades! Disclaimer: Shaving really isn’t that scary it just sounds it when I’m writing down. I carry a small beard trimmer round for when I’m in a hotel or away from my home. It gives me about 8mm of shave so before I tried the blades I had the start of a beard. I’m not going to lie I thought it wouldn’t shave off. Especially not in a first pass. So how did it go 🙂
The Razor was amazing!
The blades were sharp, the head pivoted nicely meaning I didn’t need to push against my skin just glide across. I really didn’t expect the precision blade to be so effective but it was. Those little hairs under your nose are so annoying. With razors so large now with a million blades you cannot get anywhere near those nostrils. I was very happy with the Razor, it slid back into the blade cover without any hassle and removed really easily. I also found the blades to not clog up as much as some of the other 5 blades which was suprising as I was also using foam which is normally the worst. Even though I was sent this to review I can honestly say I’ve ordered a subscription package. The idea of blades arriving in a small box which I can just throw in the car and use is great. These are literally ideal for me and at that price, great value too. The good thing is, they’re never going to go out of date if not used so I can keep them for as long as I want. So my verdict is great. A convenient subscription package for those that work away, can’t get to the shops of don’t want the fuss of having to buy little blades. Perfect for me, a sometimes away from home dad.
When I’m working, I work hard.
When I’m not working, I want to be the best dad I can be. This doesn’t include dragging my children round shops to pick up blades for my razor. It does include as much fun as possible.  

If you’d like to find out more or order your heavily reduced initial Shave Kit visit BIC here.


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