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David Brent – Life on the Road Review

First, let me point out that 100% of the audience in the Wigan Empire laughed till they cried at parts and were squirming in uncomfortable silence at others. Do not let the fact that there was only 6 people in the showing put you off. It was the last showing at 9:30 on a Friday night so it’s normally too late but it was a hard week and after finally getting Dorothy down to bed, after a social plea for fellow Brent fans, the two of us ventured out for a quick continental lager pre cringe fest. The funniest thing is, out of the 4 other people in the cinema at that time, 2 of them are close family friends. What a co-incidence. At least we know we have similarly comedic friends. I’m going to be fully aware of not giving anything away so here goes: If you’re a fan of the way the office is filmed. No fills, BBC grey with a hit of other similarly comedic geniuses of a E,F,G list variety, you will not be disappointed. It’s bland, uneventful and stale. A bit like Slough actually. But that makes it brilliant. It’s not lost any of the original spark that made me love the original Office and feel completely unconfortable when Brent does anything remotely Brentish. Is that a word yet? Ricky Gervais is on form in Life on the Road. I actually quite liked some of the songs and I’m not sure what that says about me. You see David Brent’s looking to kick start his music career after his initial try at If you Don’t Know me by Now. There’s even a new release of a previously played song “Freelove Freeway” which features heavily as he travels up and down the country in his “Sales Rep” Vauxhall Insignia. Classic Brent. So this is a journey into Brent’s attempt at a music career after cashing in a number of pensions and having to overpay a band and sound technician to support his desire to become the new Sting. Doc Brown is in this as well and he’s a perfect platform for Ricky Gervais to be his Brentish best. I really can’t tell you anymore, you have to see this is you loved the original office. We’re massive fans of the American Office and it did initially colour our view of the British one but thanks to Brent’s lack of sex appeal, fashion sense and a desire to become George Michael, it’s well and truly restored.

Potentially could have also bought the album! Oh dear what’s happened to me.

This is a strong 4/5 if you’re an Office fan, if not, I’m not sure you’d appreciate the level of humour and awkwardness.

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