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The Power of Good Sleep for New Parents – S+ by ResMed Review

I loved sleep almost as much as I love golf, chocolate and of course my family. But like all good things, you can’t have it all, all the time. So when we finally knew that a new addition to our already lovely family was on the way I wasn’t quite prepared for the impact on the amount of sleep I get and how it would affect my life. Now I just want to say, this is by no way a moan. We are so lucky to have Dorothy in our lives and there’s nothing that would change that. Think of it more as a reminder to older parents or warning to new parents of the actual impact on your sleep. The thing is, I’m lucky. So so lucky! Mrs P is breast feeding and this means no million bottle feeds a night and that means, I don’t have the lionshare of things to do. At the start when there was 10 feeds a night, it was brews and toast. But now, there isn’t the need to get up.

So where’s the issues? Your baby is fed by the wife, you’re not getting up, this sounds quite good!
And you’ll be right, it is good, there’s so many more parents out there that have a raw deal. But working in a corporate environment, looking at numbers and screens all day with a very long before and after work drive. It’s a killer. The sleep that I’m getting now is so different to the sleep that I used to get. I wasn’t sure what had changed even when I got 8 hours sleep. There was bleary eyed mornings and coffee by the buckets to keep me awake. So I posted out a plea
What’s happening to me and where can I get help.
The response was to use my phone and download an app to track my sleep. This was great but I felt that it was completely in-accurate especially when my room is shared with my wife and baby girl. That’s when ResMed’s S+ was raised as a potential device to accurately track my sleep, analyse, offer suggestions for improvements and give me an answer to my sleep depraved issue. So this is my first post and I’ll give you a full review soon after I’ve used it fully, but take a look at my first night! S+ by Res Med Review You can see where my issues are! Being asleep for 4 1/2 hours isn’t enough, and the quality isn’t the best either. Can’t wait to give you the full review 🙂 Just let me sleep on it first.]]>


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