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How to Make My Perfect Whisky Old Fashioned

First can I point out that this is my favourite way of making an Old Fashioned! Throughout the past two years well ever since I saw Don Draper ordering one in Mad Men, I was transfixed. It was around this time that I wanted to get into drinking good quality alcohol including Bourbon and Whisky. It was a baptism of fire that led me down the path of loving Whiskey and there were fun and games when I ordered Old Fashioneds on a night out. Some people had no idea, others spent 20 minutes mixing together sugar in the glass. Overall there wasn’t one that suited me and how I liked it. I’m not a fan of bitters so I haven’t included any in my drink and I drink whisky with a little bit of water so I made the syrup more watery to take that edge off. So here’s my method of making an Old Fashioned, my way: You’ll Need: Metal Mixing Canister – Kilner Jar – Sharp Knife – Large Ice Orb – Whisky Glass – Double Shot Glass for Measurements Ingredients: Dark Brown Sugar – Warm Water – Orange – Grants Family Reserve Whisky – Ice Method: I mix my syrup in a metal mixing canister so it can cool the liquid as quick as possible. For this I’ve used cocktail shaker.  It’s big enough to handle a lot of liquid and being metal cools quickly. I mixed two double shots of warm water with three heaped teaspoons of dark brown sugar. Being warm it mixed quickly. Transfer into a Kilner jar to keep it cool and so you can use it again and again. Stores well in the fridge. Once transferred cut oranges in quarters. Use a sharp knife so you can get nice big chunks of peel without too much hassle. We’re lucky to have large ice mounds that make huge ice orbs. Having one large cube/sphere of ice means it takes longer to melt and keeps your drink cool without watering it down. 😉 Chuck in two bits of peel. This is about a quarter of an oranges worth. I love the orange zesty flavour. Get your syrup and make sure it’s turned a nice dark colour and is cold. Don’t want a warm old fashioned do we!  Measure wise. I used 1 shot of whiskey to half a shot of syrup. Again this is for me and the syrup is watery (how I like it). If you’ve got a dense syrup use less. We only want to offset the harsh tones of the Whisky.  Sit back and enjoy! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s a beautiful engraving on the glass from my wife for our anniversary. It says, unlucky for some, but not for us! Do you know why? Thanks to Grants for giving me some Whisky. They’ve clearly seen I need a drink 😉 this is a reintroduction of their family reserve. I must admit it does taste a lot smoother than normal and I’m very impressed with my final drink.

Hope you like this, comment below with what you think the engraving means and let me know what drink you’d make with some Whisky. There may be a spare bottle.

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