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A Simple Guide to PLUMBING

Backed-up sinks, dripping taps, leaky pipes and clogged toilets are all part of the fun of owning your own home. Sometimes the only course of action is to call in a plumber to ensure a professional and long-lasting job. But there are some plumbing jobs that can be done at home quite easily if you have the right tools to hand.   Here is a guide to the must have tools for your complete plumbing kit. Propane torch – this is one of the more dangerous tools in your kit so please be sure you know how to use it safely before you embark on any DIY. A propane torch is used to solder copper pipes together to help banish any leaks. You can get self-lighting torches, which are much easier to use as you don’t need to fiddle with matches. Store your torch safely and well out of reach of little hands. Keep a fire-resistant cloth close to protect surfaces when soldering. Tongue and groove pliers – if you need to move anything these are a must. They will help you pull, wrench, grab, tighten or loosen your way to perfect plumbing. Hacksaw – a good saw with a tense frame is a must for metal pipe work. It can also be used to cut through any tricky screws and nuts as well as plastic piping.  Follow up with a metal file for smooth edges. Basin spanner– this is ideal for nuts and bolts that hold kitchen taps and other hardware in place. It is perfect for deep or narrow spaces behind sinks so that you can really get stuck in to that blocked kitchen sink. If your sink is regularly blocking you should invest in a new one as a healthy kitchen sink can help head off other kitchen plumbing issues. Go for a Rangemaster sink if you want something that is well made, easy to keep clean and with very few seams to attract corrosion. Pipe spanner– you will need two pipe spanners to loosen threaded fittings and pipes. These have great grip, delivered by strong, serrated jaws but be careful they don’t spoil the finish of any designer pipe work. Adjustable spanner– these are ideal for compression fittings, supply lines and other hex-shaped parts that need to be moved. Get two different sizes for a more versatile kit.  You want ones that promise a good grip and are sturdy in the hand so you can really apply some pressure. Drain snakes – these come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be used to clear any stubborn blockage.  You can look for a toilet auger specifically for toilet blockages, a top snake for bathtubs and sink or a medium or large drain machine for washing machines and other large draining appliances. Drain snake from hdsupplysolutions.com Plunger: a plunger can head off most plumbing problems by dislodging blockages before they become too deep.  Keep a plunger handy and you might find you save yourself a lot of time and effort by responding to slow flowing water before it becomes a major pain in the pipes. With your good kit you are ready to keep your plumbing running smoothly without spending a fortune.]]>

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