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Reviewing the Under Armour Threadborne T-Shirt with DW Sports

For someone that has been walking across the country, climbing mountains and generally trying to be as active as possible my clothing collection looks rather random! I’ve got base layers from china, expensive hurricane proof jackets, waterproof trousers with names of adventurers on and lots of pairs of socks. Expensive socks too! One of the best items of clothing that I saw in preparation to my hiking trip was the Under Armour Threadborne, and not just Anthony Joshua was advertising the brand because he’s awesome. So when I got the opportunity to review some products from DW Sports online store how could I not! I was amazed at the price as they had literally been reduce by nearly £20 when I first saw them advertised in my local Wigan outlet. You see DW Sports is a company synonymous with my town Wigan and Dave Whelan is the owner of Wigan Football Club where I have three season tickets for the family. What better way to test out a T-Shirt that’s marketed as great for mobility, comfort and breathable that to wear it, carrying Dorothy on one of the hottest days of the year. So this Saturday we ventured out to Ingleton Falls, Dorothy in her Macpac Rucksack, Mrs P with a full on picnic and this beautiful form fitting T-Shirt ready for some testing. As you can see from my pictures, I was sweating like you wouldn’t believe. The temperature was clearly over 25’C and the trail was over 5miles long, with 1000ft overall climb and descent. Walking around a quarry and waterfalls was hard work! Putting the T-Shirt to a serious test was what I wanted to do and I can say I gave it my best. I would guess the pack weighed over 16kg so ther was some serious rubbing on the shoulders, I sweated very hard and it was boiling! Not the best combination for staying fresh and training. With its seamless design, I loved it. Having lost some of the muscle holding my belly in, I’m not as trim as I was however, the T-Shirt looked amazing! They say it’s figure hugging and having picked the size I thought I was, it absolutely nailed it when it came to fit. Despite my hair looking like a drowned mop, my body was actually really dry. I also didn’t smell like I imagined and there wasn’t people running away from me screaming “please make it stop, oh the smell!”. I have a number of under armour base layers and polo shirts and I’ve always been impressed but this top of the range seamless T-Shirt really is the pinnacle of design and technology. I can’t believe I still look this good after walking for miles in that heat! Haha So thanks to DW Sports for allowing me to thoroughly test the Under Armour Threadborne T-Shirt, thanks to Ingleton Falls for providing the amazing scenery, Dorothy for being a beautiful assistant and Mrs P for a very hearty picnic. If you’d like to find out more about the Threadborne Range click here or visit DWSports.com.  ]]>

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