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Review – Club Petz Martina the Little Turtle

With a 14 year old transfixed by technology and a toddler that loves cuddling her soft and cuddly toys there seems to be very little middle ground. It’s either full on technology with baby iPads or dolls, soft toys or wooden kitchens and train sets. Now don’t get me wrong, these are all amazing and Dorothy has a plethora of the later while Beth has a mountain of the former. So what do you do when you’re a progressive family like us that has integrated technology in to the life of our highly inquisitive youngster? With technology literally powering everything in the world around us isn’t it right to embrace change in our lives? So when the opportunity to review Martina came along, it seemed perfect. A shy timid and very cute sea turtle called Martina that reacts to her name, could this be the one? Martina is unlike any other “toy” that Dorothy has. It doesn’t just do a preset sound at the squeeze of an internal button or go through a preset routine. Martina responds to your voice when you call her name but only, if you’re softly spoken. She’ll then happily trot around chatting away to her hearts content. Say it too harsh and Martina will shy away as she is timid remember?   There’s also an element of having a pet to look after as Martina will often have a little stroll around and Dottie will go find her and make sure she’s ok and not walking into things. It’s very very cute and Martina looks happy enough. So for us, Martina is a great balance in what can be achieved using technology and toys in harmony for the benefit of our children. It’s about lettings play time back up our positive teachings. You can find Martina on Amazon or through any of the Club Petz outlets:   and for those parents just wondering, there’s an off switch too. No Furby issues here 🙂 ]]>

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