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Spending £50 with Salt Rock for Summer

When a company like Salt Rock gives you a challenge of spending £50 on their clothing ranges the initial thought for me was, what hoodie am I gonna buy? £50 really doesn’t go very far anymore in life. It’s a meal for 3 and a half, a cheaper return to London or the cost of a full tank of petrol. However….. I think you’ll be surprised. Knowing that we were going away, the items that I chose were all focussed around evening beach wear and a cheeky Tee for myself too. It’s always easy to buy for the beach but I for one always forget that it gets bloody freezing in the evening. Salt Rock set their stall out as being an online store for Surf Clothing, Gear and Fashion and they’re not wrong! What they also didn’t say was that they’ve got a phenomenal collection as well as having offers running all the time. So drum roll, what did I buy?

Saltrock Ballarat Crochet Knitted Jumper – £20.00

Brought for my wife, it’s a similar style to one we bought about 5 years ago from All Saints but a lot thicker and actually more fitted. Jumpers can be a pain when they’re well fitting as they ride up but as you can see from the picture above, it looks good whatever the activity.

Saltrock Dane Knitted Jumper – £12.50

One for myself here. Having lost a lot of weight, fitted jumpers are hard to come by in my house. This knitted jumper not only looks great, it feels so soft and actually we’ve washed it in the machine twice and it’s not changed shape or size. That’s a result in our house 🙂

Saltrock Nautical Girl Pop Hoodie – £10.00

As Dorothy gets older she quickly moves out of baby looking clothes into toddler wear. It’s always the same for girls so when I saw the collection of hoodies I was immediately impressed. They look bad ass and she looks so stylish even with the hood up.

Saltrock Wooden Waves T-Shirt – £12.50

I couldn’t be left out for a beach inspired T-Shirt now could I! Seeing this I had to stretch my budget to include it. The gold looks great and as a T-Shirt, with chinos and beach shoes that’s me done for the summer. I literally could post pictures all day from our little photo shoots to push the clothing ranges to the max. We went to the beach, playing fields and then washed all the clothes to test their quality. We cannot fault either the quality of the service and while Saltrock gave us a £50 voucher, I happily paid £5 more and all of this review and challenge was completely my own opinion and words.   So thank you Saltrock, only have to pick something up for Beth now too 🙂  ]]>

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