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Bringing Smurfs:The Lost Village into the 21st Century

Can you remember your favourite shows from when you were a child? I can as we only had 1 normal TV so I had to wake up early before everyone else got up to watch a few cartoons. I loved how my body worked which always seemed to be on Channel 4 before the big breakfast. Another of my favourites was the Smurfs and I had a well chewed toy of the one with big ears. It’s amazing to see a resurgence of late of retro (does that mean I’m old?) cartoons and remakes of classics like Terminator with latest technologies. Being a parent means we can relive some of the best parts of our youth and the ability to watch old cartoons is few and far between. So when I was contacted by the team behind the new Smurfs Movie launched on DVD this month. By using an App you can create Smurf Surprises for your little ones. It’s also really refreshing to see a movie with a strong female lead in Smurfette racing with the Smurfs through the forest in an attempt to get to the lost village before Gargamel! How refreshing to see this especially with two daughters. There should be more on TV aimed at strong and independent girls and women. So if you’re like me and love the fact that there’s a new Smurfs movie to enjoy with your children, friends or even just yourself there’s also a fantastic App to bring Smurfs to life in your own home. Here’s your chance to surprise someone with the gift of Smurf!

  • Here’s how to find Smurfs in your House and Garden Download the Aurasma App and search for Smurfs: The Lost Village Official. There you will find some images to print and cut out. I highly recommend sticking to a tree. Open the app and click on the camera icon and in portrait mode, use it like a magnifying glass to find a Smurf! Make sure you’ve got it far enough away to catch a full shot and enjoy the magic.

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